1 Big Video Game

1 Big Video Game Sy Burr Book cyberspacers



From here to Beyond-Known-Cyberspace comes the legend of the mighty DOT, Defenders Online Team, a force of heroic young friends together with the powers of a Magic Computer.

As stories of the DOT go viral, peace will spread through cyberspace, making a better, safer place for all. But for now, the DOT is needed more than ever. They must meet and find a way to defeat each and every challenge of the Web’s-master criminal and his gang of monster-bully thugs.

The DOT = real and virtual heroes dedicated to Respect and Protect their Internet, planet Earth and the Digital Universe. Join the team,  ‘For the Good of Cyberspace.’

Here’s where you, and high-tech adventure of the future,


3 thoughts on “1 Big Video Game”

  1. Thanks, H.B. We are all in full swing momentum 4ward here, chest-deep in video game mania on our way B-K-C. None will be disappointed…

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