1 Big Video Game: Beyond-Known-Cyberspace (The B-K-C Chronicles) (Volume 1)

1 Big Video Game: Beyond-Known-Cyberspace
(The B-K-C Chronicles) (Volume 1)

1 Big Video Game Beyond Known Cyberspace The B K C Chronicles Volume 1 by Sy Burr
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by Sy Burr


Who will help save Earth and the Digital Universe from the most evil cyber-villain of all? From here to Beyond-Known-Cyberspace comes the legend of the mighty DOT, Defenders Online Team, a hi-tech force of heroic young friends together with the powers of a Magic Computer.

As stories of the DOT go viral, peace will spread through cyberspace, making a better, safer place for all. But for now, the DOT is needed more than ever.

They must meet and find a way to defeat each and every challenge of the Web’s master- criminal and monster-bully thugs. DOT = real and virtual heroes dedicated to Respect and Protect the Net.

Here’s where you and hi-tech adventure login. Join the team, ‘For the Good of Cyberspace!’

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1 Big Video Game: Beyond-Known-Cyberspace
(The B-K-C Chronicles) (Volume 1)



In the opinion of Elon Musk, the legendary Silicon Valley inventor, engineer, explorer, and innovator, the correct answer to this question is an enlightened, “YES!”

(However, he discusses the topic so often he claims to have banned it if ever in a hot tub, probably so he can relax and discuss other hot topics he’s interested in such as the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence, Martian Democracy, We Are Already Cyborgs, and Saving the World, etc.)

The South African-born hi-tech whiz kid got his own first computer at age 10 and taught himself how to program. At 12 he created wrote and programmed a video game he called “Blastar” – which was his first sale to a software investor.

After graduating high school (excelling in science and computer studies), he moved to Canada and Queen’s University in Ontario. The University of Pennsylvania, a BS in Economics (Wharton) and a BA with a major in physics followed. He then arrived in Silicon Valley and attended Stanford University for only two days, postponing his PhD studies to become part of the Internet boom. Well-timed, he formed X.com, which was soon to become known as PayPal.

1BVG MUSK ROCKETOther Musk companies now include SpaceX to privately build spacecraft for commercial space travel, together with his ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

1BVG MUSK TESLAAnd as CEO of Tesla Motors, he is dedicated and determined to produce environmentally-friendly, affordable, mass-market ‘Premium Electric Vehicles.’

1BVG MUSK HYPERLOOPThere’s more, along with the safer than planes and trains, “Hyperloop” – a new form of above-ground earthquake-stable transportation. Solar powered, Hyperloop transports riders through low-pressure tubes at speeds of 700+ mph. Futuristic? Yes, but perhaps coming soon to a video game pod near you!

Musk entertains the theory that the world likely is One Big Video Game, the creation of an advanced alien civilization. His reasoning that we are simulations existing inside a copy of that game is based on the incredible advances of our own video games history. To shed light on the theory, he points to the rapidly phenomenal progress our high-technology has made in the last four decades.

“The strongest argument for us probably being in a simulation is the following,” he says. “Forty years ago we had PONG, like two rectangles and a dot. That’s what games were.” Then he explains how now, just 40 years later, there is no comparing the simplicity of what was to today’s complex, highly developed, technologically improved, advanced and evolving photorealistic 3D simulations and true-to-life games that millions upon millions of players can participate in simultaneously. “And it’s getting better every year.”

He reminds us, we are on the cusp of a new wave of virtual reality experiences. Yet he suggests, “If we assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality.”

Keeping in mind our evolving technology and the possibility of the existence of advanced alien civilizations makes it that much more fascinating to follow his mathematical calculations.

“Even if that rate of advancement drops by a thousand from what it is right now, let’s imagine it’s 10,000 years in the future, which is nothing on the evolutionary scale. Given that we are clearly on  a trajectory to have games that are indistinguishable from reality, and those games could be played on a set-top box, PC or whatever, with billions playing… it would seem to follow that the odds we’re in base-reality (= real reality) — is one in billions.”

It’s a must Musk read, for the down to earth reason that it’s best to hope “One Big Video Game” is the virtual truth. Here’s why:

“If a civilization stops advancing, then it may be due to some calamitous event that erases civilization,” he says while presenting two options. “Either we are going to create simulations that are indistinguishable from reality, or civilization will cease to exist.”

Editor’s note: We agree with the above hi-tech “Use It or Lose It” option. While numerous theories abound regarding our planet and civilization, questions of why and where we came from go back to our beginnings.

With due respect, we recommend two updates for your consideration in regards to why we are “ONE BIG VIDEO GAME.” The first is from South Park:1BVG MUSK WHAT IF REALITY SHOW And the other “One” = 1BVG, an original Earth-born good vs evil concept based on high-tech reality plus dimensional exploration designed to be understandable and entertaining for advanced alien civilizations & tekkies of all ages from here to…



eSports Is Here – Part One

How many fans would you guess watch professional video games competition on television or streaming live online? Before you answer that question, gamers rejoice, because it seems that millions of followers of the expanding digital gaming universe are starting to witness the age of eSports on home screens, monitors and theaters worldwide. But getting the sport to that point was and is not a simple task. In fact, it’s been a roller coaster ride of ups, downs, high expectations and then suddenly experiencing falling in a virtual death-defying doomsday drop.

Nonetheless, because dreams do sometimes have a weird and wild way of coming true, here in a nutshell is Part One = a description of the main event that took one man’s dream, turned it into reality and then helped put it into orbit.

1BVG IMAGE CPL2The idea of elevating eSports tournament competition into the same category as other major sporting events actually got its big launch pad blastoff in New York back in November, 2005. By that time, entrepreneur Angel Munoz’s Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), founded in 1997, had become recognized as the pioneer of computer and video game console big-prize competitive meets. But Mr. Munoz was a dreamer, and saw the possibilities of allowing “Cyberathletes” as he called them, to compete on a global level, and in doing so, spread good will through fierce but friendly eSport competition.

As CPL’s popularity rose and attendance and venues grew in size through the years, Munoz was finally ready to move on from going city to city to stage tournaments. It was in March 2005 when Munoz’s CPL picked up both Intel and Nvidia as its major sponsors, and planned its biggest event: “The CPL World Tour.”

With a total Grand Prize of $1 Million, the tour had ten international stops that included old and a great many new fans in Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, China, Singapore, England, Italy and Chile. Each stop awarded $50,000 in prizes. However, it was the big finale in New York and the $500,000 winner’s pot that attracted the most attention.

Munoz was now producing what would prove to be an earth-shaking first, a major historical event of video gaming competition, not only streamed live online, but a few days after the event, broadcast on the mega-popular MTV Overdrive.

Even though originally broadcast as a 30-minute special showing only highlights of the event, that show became historically significant, being the first time eSports was seen worldwide on TV.

Staged at the fabled Nokia Theatre in Times Square in New York City to a packed crowd, and with millions watching the entire breath-taking competition streaming online, what took place was so competitive, so intense that the final result thrust e-Sports into even the most casual general public consciousness.

With heavy news coverage, and a first-place cash award of $150,000 plus $350,000 more up for grabs, the eSports gaming star athlete of the moment was the great American champion, competitive legendary star, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. At last, Mr. Munoz and eSport had made it into living rooms across North America and into global mainstream news! If this sounds like a dream come true, it was. But the reality of a nightmare also was about to rear its ugly head.1bvg IMAGE AIDEN MONSTER2

Watch for ‘E-SPORTS IS HERE’ – Part 2

Out to Launch Video Games

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5… COUNTDOWN TO SUCCESS!

Have you ever wondered who was there to press the button to start One Big Video Game – which would become the world-changing, video game industry? For starters, here are two who had a finger on it.

During the 1960’s, people and companies were trying to cash in on the possibilities of computer science. Although the major players were qualified, real-life competition resembled a multi-player, multi-level, mind-numbing creative cage match of the future. But because serious money was being invested in creating and doing business with computers, understandably, the mindset had absolutely nothing to do with playing any games at all.

However, that was about to change. During the late summer of 1966, while waiting for a friend to arrive at a bus terminal in New York City, television engineer Ralph H. Baer was suddenly struck with a thought. Actually, the idea overwhelmed him as he quickly began writing down notes and sketches for a brand new invention. The idea: a “game box” that had the potential to allow playing games on a TV set.

Fascinated with the design, his boss invested money for research and even assigned other employees to work with him. Ralph and his team continued their usual work of course. But then, in a specially equipped workshop, they obsessed with their labor of love, sacrificing family and leisure time while working overtime on the top-secret game box project.


Success finally arrived! After several years of attempts, prototypes, models and testing, Mr. Baer and his team invented a gadget that could connect to most standard American television sets. It enabled two players to control square onscreen images pursuing each other, by today’s standards a primitive game that he called “Chase.” Baer named the gadget “Brown Box” and in 1973, together with his employer-turned-partner, was granted the first video game patent. Adding a 12-game capacity and a light gun to operate the screen at a distance,1bvg Image The Brown Box Baer and his partner licensed the gadget to TV manufacturer Magnavox.

Thereafter, Brown Box evolved into Magnavox Odyssey, forever to be known as the “First Home Video Game Console.”1bvg IMAGE Odyssey-Motherboard

Magnavox Odyssey’s motherboard:

Among various other awards in his lifetime, Mr. Baer was honored with the National Medal of Technology and admitted to the Inventors National Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, at that same time Mr. Baer was starting, over on the West Coast, a young electrical engineer destined to become a world-renown technology pioneer and respected scientist, began to make his mark in the world of video games.

While in college, Nolan Bushnell could often be found passionately playing the1bvg IMAGE Bushnell computer-space simplistic game, ‘Spacewar!’ using very large early mainframe supercomputers. During high school years, Bushnell had worked at an amusement park where he admittedly fell in love with arcade games. After college, working with a friend, he even created an arcade-style game. Unfortunately, ‘Computer Space’ proved to be ahead of its time. Even so, he had a dream and a determination to succeed that refused to take “no” for an answer.

In 1972, his never-ending love for games and arcades would inspire Nolan Bushnell to launch Atari Inc., ‘PONG’ = the first commercially successful arcade video game machine. And at the same time as Magnavox Odyssey, both helped establish what would become the video gaming industry. In 1977, Mr. Bushnell also launched the Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza-Time Theater chain. And the rest is history.

An entrepreneur (he’s created dozens of companies) and celebrated motivational speaker, Nolan Bushnell is widely known as the ‘father of the video arcade industry’ and amongst many other honors, he’s been inducted in the Consumer Electronics Association and the Video Game Hall of Fame.

While it could be, and often is said that both of these brilliant players had a finger on the button that became the video game industry – the button-pushing digital-title may actually belong to another.

Many recognize “Tennis for Two” created in 1958 for public visitors at the Brookhaven National Laboratory by employee William A. Higinbotham as the first truly interactive computer game. Check this story and video (and you be the judge):



Video Games People Play


I was an 8 year-old boy when I became a Disney starlet. While growing up the youngest of four kids, I had two older brothers, but the first born was our sister who now has two kids of her own. Emily not just “brat sat” us three juveniles, and we were a handful, a pretty wild bunch back in the day. Among other things, she’s the one who taught us how to throw a football, score a soccer goal, helped get our homework and chores done, and even showed us how to cook some favorite dishes.

Also, she schooled us on video games. Actually she started us playing Disney’s hot girl games, trotting out its biggest female stars: Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine (“Aladdin”) and Ariel (“The Little Mermaid”). But the real “princesses” were we three rowdy boys, thanks to an easy-to-use character generator that lets anyone turn herself or in this case himself into Disney heroines.


While the conventional wisdom of the general public says that guys dominate playing vid games, my own personal experience with friends, family and industry people tells me differently. My thinking is backed by a study from the Internet Advertising Bureau, plus others. You might be surprised,  but in the studies, it’s revealed that females, girls and grownup women alike, comprise over 50% of the overall video gaming audience, and that includes mobile devices. Can you say Candy Crush and Angry Birds? Yes, you’ve read it right.  The majority of people video playing games are Girl Gamers!

In spite of this fact, actual numbers of females who work in the vid games industry is pretty darn low (see article). Meanwhile, I’d say that when it comes to video gaming, the female gender prefers to create good things while males specialize in destroying them (what else is new)? For instance, while girls can enjoy building a house, a castle, a whole city out of Lego or whatever, usually the kick for guys is demolishing it.


And because the majority of big-ticket video games are about action and destruction, despite any surveys that support the fact that at least as many women play games as men, some beliefs don’t change easily. The long held notion that games are mainly a pastime for adolescent boys is a continuing   one that is perpetuated, carried forward thanks to the aggressive marketing of big-time, big-name, big-budget games.

Nonetheless, Emily insists video games are for everyone. For herself, however, she’s always loved “The Sims” from Entertainment Arts. She creates her peaceful characters with nice homes, hobbies and lots of interesting friends. More than once, she would remind my brothers and me, “I’d rather have characters watering plants than mowing down others with a machine gun.”

1BVG IMAGE MONSTERAs a final thought, when I was younger I had to break off a relationship with an incredibly beautiful nice girl I truly cared for. The problem was her solitary interest in life was playing, she was a video games addict. Nothing else came remotely close to meaning anything at all to her, including me. She was only interested in winning, being the best and it affected her very badly, it even changed her entire personality to something monsterous.

Hey, I’ve always loved vid gaming, but I knew early on that it can’t be your sole interest. I tried to explain that to her, but couldn’t get through. When we did break up we both got hurt. I learned a lesson, and she finally learned hers, too. The last thing I told her was, ‘you can play every game and maybe be the best, but what good is it when you are only playing 1-dimension in real life?’

~Steve Roberts

A Web Cyclometer Scope


ET REALITY SHOW“South Park” once had an episode that asked the question, what if Earth is a reality TV show for other planets? In that episode, when they found out the show is scheduled to be cancelled, the kids travel to a faraway galaxy and a not so outrageous planet when compared to our own, in order to convince the show’s network producers to change their minds about cancelling Earth.

Think about it. Sometimes, at least when we are judging by the way we earthlings behave and treat each other, Earth doesn’t need to be cancelled by anything or anyone or else. Let’s face it. If things don’t improve, we may cancel ourselves. At the same time, we still have a chance to get better if we, hopefully, just do what needs to be done.


Far above any clouds, beyond the deepest uncharted place in space and most vivid imaginations, thoughts exist that haven’t yet been considered. And there are ideas that flourish abundantly which the greatest of all human minds have not to this point ever conceived.

If you will, entertain for a moment the concept of a brightly glowing telescopic-gadget orbiting the digital universe while illuminating the shadows of hate and misunderstanding down here with the power of knowledge and peace. Let’s simply call it “A Web Cyclometer Scope” and think of it as an App, an apparatus, an appliance, an application dedicated to the good of cyberspace.

1BVG GAME GRAND THEFT AUTOThe device can also be a video game. From a simple idea to tech labs, then to arcades and onto store shelves and up into the great clouds in the sky, video games have evolved radically evolved from the last few decades of the 20th century, and smashingly into the 21st. Now, with lightning speed and exacting graphics, there’s no doubt that games can be fun, instructive, educational, in a word: worthwhile. There’s also no doubt that some games have been and can still and probably always will be violently disgusting and sadly destructive to some who play as well as those innocent victims of violence.

While most use their digital devices for good purpose, certain behavior whether done online or offline is considered unacceptable. For example, if it’s a criminal act to steal your neighbors’ mail, why would stealing or compromising their email be any different? It’s not.

Though the jury is still out regarding the extent of harm violent games may have on those who play, like legal and illegal drugs, some will have unexpected and dangerous side effects.


Don’t get it wrong. Action-adventure is great. At the same time when you consider what type of action some violent games offer to the point of ad nauseum (seeing how often ad nauseam is misspelled makes some people want to throw up), perhaps it’s best to spend your time more wisely. Here’s why:

Carmageddon – Kill pedestrians and set off roadside bombs, etc.

Soldier of Fortune – Torture, Brutalize, Kill, etc.

Mad World – Blood splattering mess

Postal 2 – Senseless Brutality

Mortal Combat – Blood and guts and bad acting.

Playing For Real!


While journeying through cyberspace at the controls of my flying laptop, something unexpected suddenly popped-on in front of me. Monstrously huge, I had no clue what it really was and worked the controller feverishly, swerving left, right, over and under but could not avoid smashing into that colossal thing. Within a nanosecond, I found myself locked in darkness except for a net-like blanket of blindingly bright pixilated light that encircled me as the completely out of control laptop accelerated before tumbling end-over-end into what I would soon discover, turned out to be: One-Big-Videogame!


1BVG GAME METAL GEAR SOLIDBeing a modified-to-the-max advanced hi-tech digital device, my laptop moved even faster than possible until it thoroughly stretched the outer limits of the phenomenally enormous pliable structure, its wings ultimately breaking through the incredible spongy, data-filled worldwide web.

Hey, wait! Stop here! Please, I don’t want you to misunderstand. You must know the truth. What you’re reading isn’t fiction. I know because it happened to me. And what’s more, it’s still happening.

And it could happen to you. We’re talking about experiencing with all your mighty know-how, practice, skill and knowledge one video game that is so intensely bizarre it can only be described as being totally insane, quite realistically out of this world although within reason as you go beyond anything and anywhere you’ve ever been. When you take on this game, you’re playing for real because here you go thru portals into big-time, challenging, unknown dimensions.

But you don’t need to take my word for it. You have to make up your own mind. I’ll make it simple. I’m just here to make friends. However, I’m also here to tell you, show you, how absolutely very important you are. It’s no joke. Maybe you know, maybe not, but the simple truth is: Planet Earth is in a humongous heap of trouble. Evil roams everywhere as bullies plot to destroy then ultimately rule the Internet, communication, yes, the entire digital universe. IMHO, there’s only one class of individuals who can best help the world.

True Gamers Unite! That’s right. True Gamers can save the planet. I’m talking about all those who know without even a shred of doubt the difference between what is real and that which is make-believe.
When I’m asked about my top ten or all-time favorite games I’m like, how do you compare Portal to Pong? I’ve played on various platforms though my current favorite is Wii U and the PC. Games I play all genres from sports to role-playing to Action-adventure. Still, here’s a few that I’ll always like:

  • Super Mario 64
  • Pokémon Gold & Silver
  • Metal Gear Solid 1/Twin Snakes ~ 3
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Half-Life 1/2
  • Silent Hill 1 ~ 3
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Resident Evil Remake/2/3/4
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Super Metroid
  •  Metal Gear Solid
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

~Steve Roberts