A Web Cyclometer Scope


ET REALITY SHOW“South Park” once had an episode that asked the question, what if Earth is a reality TV show for other planets? In that episode, when they found out the show is scheduled to be cancelled, the kids travel to a faraway galaxy and a not so outrageous planet when compared to our own, in order to convince the show’s network producers to change their minds about cancelling Earth.

Think about it. Sometimes, at least when we are judging by the way we earthlings behave and treat each other, Earth doesn’t need to be cancelled by anything or anyone or else. Let’s face it. If things don’t improve, we may cancel ourselves. At the same time, we still have a chance to get better if we, hopefully, just do what needs to be done.


Far above any clouds, beyond the deepest uncharted place in space and most vivid imaginations, thoughts exist that haven’t yet been considered. And there are ideas that flourish abundantly which the greatest of all human minds have not to this point ever conceived.

If you will, entertain for a moment the concept of a brightly glowing telescopic-gadget orbiting the digital universe while illuminating the shadows of hate and misunderstanding down here with the power of knowledge and peace. Let’s simply call it “A Web Cyclometer Scope” and think of it as an App, an apparatus, an appliance, an application dedicated to the good of cyberspace.

1BVG GAME GRAND THEFT AUTOThe device can also be a video game. From a simple idea to tech labs, then to arcades and onto store shelves and up into the great clouds in the sky, video games have evolved radically evolved from the last few decades of the 20th century, and smashingly into the 21st. Now, with lightning speed and exacting graphics, there’s no doubt that games can be fun, instructive, educational, in a word: worthwhile. There’s also no doubt that some games have been and can still and probably always will be violently disgusting and sadly destructive to some who play as well as those innocent victims of violence.

While most use their digital devices for good purpose, certain behavior whether done online or offline is considered unacceptable. For example, if it’s a criminal act to steal your neighbors’ mail, why would stealing or compromising their email be any different? It’s not.

Though the jury is still out regarding the extent of harm violent games may have on those who play, like legal and illegal drugs, some will have unexpected and dangerous side effects.


Don’t get it wrong. Action-adventure is great. At the same time when you consider what type of action some violent games offer to the point of ad nauseum (seeing how often ad nauseam is misspelled makes some people want to throw up), perhaps it’s best to spend your time more wisely. Here’s why:

Carmageddon – Kill pedestrians and set off roadside bombs, etc.

Soldier of Fortune – Torture, Brutalize, Kill, etc.

Mad World – Blood splattering mess

Postal 2 – Senseless Brutality

Mortal Combat – Blood and guts and bad acting.